FortVax common problem

Instructions for use
1. Creating Crypto Wallet
I. Download FortVax APP from Apple Store or Google Play. Place the FortVax card close to the mobile phone, choose to create a new wallet and then set a password and mnemonic phrase.
II. Use the FortVax card to select and confirm the currency to be managed and log in to the main screen of the crypto wallet.
2. Restoring Crypto Wallet
I. Download the FortVax APP from Apple Store or Google Play. Place the FortVax card close to the mobile phone, choose to restore the wallet and enter the card password and mnemonic phrase.
II. Hold your FortVax card close to your phone to select and confirm the currency to be managed and log in to the wallet home screen.
3. Reset Crypto Wallet
I. If you want to reset the wallet, please make sure that the "Notes" and "Card Password" are properly saved, because they will be used when you need to restore the wallet after the reset.
II. After resetting the wallet, the "local data" will be emptied, and the NFT in the original APP will be emptied. To restore the NFT, please go to your own Ethereum address to find the NFT and manually import it into the FortVax APP.
4. Sending and Receiving Cryptocurrency
A. How to send cryptocurrency?
I. Select the type of cryptocurrency you want to send
II. Click the "Send" button
III. Choose to enter the recipient address manually, or choose from a saved favorite address
IV. Scan the QR Code or receive the address manually and enter the quantity
V. After confirming the sending details, click "Send"
VI. Enter your wallet password
VII. Hold your FortVax card close to your phone
VIII. After detecting the FortVax card, wait for the sending to complete
B. How to receive Cryptocurrency?
I. Select the type of cryptocurrency you want to receive
II. Click the "Receive" button
III. The wallet address and QR Code of the cryptocurrency you selected will appear on the screen, and you can use the "Copy" or "Share" function for others to send assets to your wallet address.
5. Manage currencies and view balances
A. How to check the present value of total assets of current digital assets?
Pull down on the wallet main screen to update the balance immediately
B. How to add or remove digital asset currencies to be managed?
Click the settings icon at the top right of the FortVax APP main screen to enable or disable the currency you want to manage.
C. How to view transaction details?
Click the currency you want to query on the main screen of the wallet to view the transaction details
6. How to add ERC20 customization?
I. Open the FortVax APP interface, click the settings icon at the top right of the FortVax APP main screen, and select Add Custom Token.
II. Select the network and enter or scan the contract address and press Save.
7. How to add NFT collectibles?
I. Please go to website to enter your wallet address and search.
II. Switch to "ERC721" and click "Token" on the right to enter the screen.
III. Click on the wallet address in "Contract" in "Profile Summary" in the upper right corner.
IV. Click to View QR Code" will be displayed next to the title of the contract. Click to view your contract address and QR Code.
V. After clicking "Ethereum", click "Collection" in the upper right corner and click "Add Collection" below.
VI. Enter or scan your contract address and Token ID and press Add to store your NFT in the FortVax APP. (Currently only Ethereum chain ERC721 contracts are available).
Security Questions
1. What are FortVax's security specifications?
FortVax's Secure Element Specification is EAL6+ , FIPS 140-2 LEVEL3 compliant
2. What is the difference between screen PIN and card PIN?
The screen password only protects your privacy, and prevents others from peeping and accessing at will, while the card password is used to unlock when trading or restoring the wallet.
3. What should I do if I forget my screen password?
After reinstalling the APP, after detecting the FortVax card, you can restore the wallet or use the password to access the card depending to the status of the card.
4. What should I do if I forget my FortVax card PIN?
You can click Forgot Password, reset 8~16 characters, and restore your FortVax card with a mnemonic phrase.
5. How do I backup my private key?
The mnemonic is your private key, please copy it and keep it properly so as not to leak or lose it.
6. How do I get my crypto assets back if I lose my FortVax card?
Please make sure that your card password and mnemonic phrase are not leaked. After purchasing a new card, restore your wallet to retrieve your encrypted assets.
7. What if my FortVax card is broken?
FortVax provides a one-year warranty, and in the event of non-human caused the damage of the card during the warranty period, a new card will be provided free of charge after returning the damaged FortVax card to identify the problem.
8. Can I use a private key from another cold/hot wallet to restore to FortVax, or use a private key from FortVax to restore to another cold/hot wallet?
FortVax adheres to the mnemonic generation specification, allowing you to restore your wallet. The only way to generate the private key may be different for each provider or service provider. It is recommended that if you are a new user of FortVax, you should use it to create a wallet first.
General Questions
1. What cryptocurrencies does FortVax support?
Ethereum, Bitcoin, TRON, USDT (ERC 20), ERC 20 tokens (customizable), NFT tokens (ERC 721), etc.
2. How do I know if FortVax supports my phone's system version/hardware specification?
Android 10 or above, iOS 14 or above, all need to support the NFC function.
3. How to Properly access the proximity Cards
There are many brands of Android mobile phones, and the general antenna position is in the middle backside of the phone. If your sensing position is often abnormal or insensitive, please read your mobile phone user manual in detail to understand where your phone’s sensing position is located.
The sensing position of the iOS mobile phone is at the camera behind the phone, and try to make the sensing position align with the middle of the card
4. My phone does not have NFC, will FortVax work with my phone?
If your phone does not support NFC, you cannot use the FortVax cold wallet.
5. Is FortVax waterproof?
The chip card has a basic water-resistant function, even if it gets wet, it will not affect the chip reading function
6. Can I use two or more FortVax cards at the same time?
You can hold more than two cards. If you need to switch, please go to Settings > Reset Wallet > Re-sensing Cards > According to the card status, you can restore the wallet or only use the password to access the card.
7. I have no balance in the FortVax card I purchased, how can I buy cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin/Ether/DogeCoin…)?
If you want to buy cryptocurrency, you can buy it through a cryptocurrency exchange and transfer it to your FortVax cold wallet. After successful transfer, you can see the balance in your cold wallet
8. Can FortVax be used without an internet connection?
Your FortVax cold wallet will be absolutely isolated from the network environment, but when you want to send or receive transactions, you will still need to be connected to the Internet to synchronize the blockchain ledger information
Cryptocurrency related
1. Individual cryptocurrency related
A. Click on TRON and the message "Your account has not been activated" appears
The new address of the TRON blockchain mechanism is not enabled by default, please transfer to 1.1 TRX to enable your address.
2. What bitcoin address formats does FortVax support, and does it support receiving Bitcoins from other cold/hot wallets?
The default Bitcoin address format of FortVax is Nested SegWit format, and it also supports receiving Bitcoin wallet addresses in Legacy format.
3. Why is there a distinction between "Instant Balance" and "Available Balance"?
BTC, LTC, Doge, etc. use the UTXO ledger model, which can be replaced when the transaction that has not been confirmed 0 times has not been packaged in any block.
In order to provide a good user experience and prevent fraud, we distinguish between instant balance and available balance.
- Instant Balance: is the sum of all your unconfirmed and confirmed transactions
- Available balance: transactions that have been packaged once by the blockchain and confirmed more than six times
If you have transactions with others, please confirm whether your available balance has changed, and do not use the real-time balance to confirm your transactions with others.