Take back control of your assets

Your assets in bank or hot wallet might not be yours!

Are you aware that the assets kept in hot wallet, crypto exchange or bank account may be compromised due to security breach?

Your assets may be stolen, frozen, or prohibited from withdrawal. In short, they're not within your control freely.

Information security may always be compromised and your assets may no longer be yours whether they're in hot wallet, crypto exchange, or bank account

Assets kept across several crypto exchanges, hot wallets or bank accounts may become diffidcult to manage

Looking for a safe haven to store your digital assets but not knowing where to start?

Take back control of your assets - FortVax

Why choose FortVax?

Security measures comparable to Fort Knox

FortVax secures your private key offline and keep it encrypted to a high standard to warrant the safety of your digital assets

Simple and straightforward operations

Compact as a credit card. Attached to back of the phone to start using. Convenient as well as easily understandable.

Payment integrating online and offline gateways

Not only can FortVax safekeep NFT and various cryptocurrencies, we further empower payment at brick and mortar merchants. A multi-function card that's convenient to carry and easy to shop.


STEP 1Initialization

STEP 2Asset selection

STEP 3Attach card to phone

STEP 4Transaction complete


It's more than a cold wallet.
It serves to pay.

FortVax support online and offline payment scenarios.
Payment would be complete once the card is scanned. Swift and convenient.

Where We WIN

Hot Wallet Trezor Ledger CoolWallet FortVax
Security Low High High High High
Price not available expensive
(NT$ 1680)
(NT$ 2099)
(NT$ 2800)
Most inexpensive
Practicality Safekeeping address and private key + to send and receive assets Same as left + online and offline payment
hardware dimension not available Large (USB) Large (USB) Card Credit card size
Restrictions not available Must be plugged in all the time Must be plugged in all the time Battery charge needed Free from plugging or charging

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